Charlie is a great person to have as a supplier and network contact. He is knowledgeable, driven, and is persistent at attempting to meet his customers needs. He is willing to identify new suppliers, from different hemispheres when necessitated by currency exchanges, tarifs, or resource driven limitations in the market place. Beyond being a supplier, he has extend his professional network to assist with various international projects that I have sought his assistance on.

History of Excellence

Founded by Charles Wimpfheimer and Daniel Stern in 2000, MMI has built a reputation of premium products and service. With a team that possesses over 65 years of combined expertise in importing, distributing, and warehousing of wire and steel, and an international network of trusted suppliers, we are able to provide innovative, high end products and an exceptional customer service at a competitive price.

Products We Believe In

MMI’s commitment to our customers has been to provide them with wire of a consistent quality. We apply these high standards to all of our customers no matter the industry. Our products are carefully selected and controlled to meet industry standards and often more stringent internal specifications. High quality means you don’t have to replace wire frequently. You save time, money, and worry over cheap alternatives.

We have complete traceability of the wire we supply. We are proud that some of our suppliers are completely integrated so that they control not only the manufacture of the wire but also of their wire rod raw material. The benefits come in a consistently uniform quality and performance of wire in every order.

At a time when all companies are keen to save costs and improve productivity, maintaining high standards, ensures you commercial success and profitability.

Here When You Need Us

Throughout the years, MMI has paid close attention to customers’ needs and has a proud history of achieving highly satisfaction results. Our strength is based on understanding our customer’s requirements, and making sure we have the ability to supply what they want, when they need it at the competitive price. This level of service has resulted in a reputation that we are extremely proud of.

Whether your order comes from the supplying mill or from our warehouse, there is always someone available to advise you through every step of the process, assuring it will be delivered on time. As a customer this means that you can have total confidence in us from your initial inquiry through to the timely delivery of your order.

No matter what your needs are, we can offer you suitable solutions that meet your expectations.

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